$200 rebates on Epson 3800, $480 on Epson 4880

Epson currently has a $200 rebate for the Stylus Pro 3800 that expires on 01/31/2009, and a $480 rebate on the Stylus Pro 4880 that expires on 12/31/2008. The 3800 is currently $1,169 through our Amazon store, and the $200 rebate also applies, dropping the price to $969, so there’s little reason not to buy a 3800 if you’re sitting on the fence (especially against the R2880—see our previous post for more on that).

The Stylus Pro 4880, which is another great printer, is currently $1,808 at Amazon. With the rebate, it drops to $1,328, which is an amazing price for such an industrial-strength machine. (Our pal Duncan Davidson is testing our Stylus Pro 4800, and I think his first impressions have been pretty good.)

B&H and other online outlets also have the 3800 and 4800 at similarly low prices, in case Amazon isn’t your thing.

You can find the rebate info for all of Epson’s current promotions on their Pro printers at (There are also rebates for the R1900, R2880 and other consumer-level printers, which can be found on this page.)

Just note that you have to submit your form within 30 days of purchase.

By Rick LePage

Rick LePage was formerly the editor in chief of MacWEEK and Macworld magazines, was one of the cofounders of the MacInTouch newsletter. He has been covering digital printmaking and photography since its inception.

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We are an architectural design firm with frequent need to print 13 x 19 borderless photographic-quality images, but also do 4 x 6, as well as text documents. The printer needs to be on a server, use high quality matte paper, and with 6 people using it, it needs to be a workhorse. We use an HP 2800 and like it, but for enhanced photographic quality, added an HP 9180…we have had 3 HP 9180s and it just is not up to the task. Can you recommend a printer?

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