Piezography K7 B&W kit available for Epson R2880

Jon Cone’s Inkjet Mall is now shipping the Piezography K7 continuous ink system (CIS) for Epson’s Stylus Photo R2880. The system, which is designed solely to print black-and-white images on matte-finish papers, comes in three distinct toning combinations—neutral, sepia and selenium—as well as a special edition mix, which produces “a gentle split-tone featuring crisp neutral highlights, melding into selenium, which melds into sepia shadows, and finally into black.”

The Piezography K7 inkset is optimized for Roy Harrington’s QuadTone RIP software, and comes with profiles for a number of papers from Epson, Innova, Hahnemuhle and more.

The kit is priced at $508, and includes everything you need to get started, including inks, cartridges and profiles. Inkjet Mall is offering $75 off through March 17 – use the code ‘BEST2880BW’ when checking out.

For those of you interested in a color-based CIS for the R2880, Cone isn’t yet offering a version of its ConeColor system; you can send an email requesting one on this page.

By Rick LePage

Rick LePage was formerly the editor in chief of MacWEEK and Macworld magazines, was one of the cofounders of the MacInTouch newsletter. He has been covering digital printmaking and photography since its inception.

2 replies on “Piezography K7 B&W kit available for Epson R2880”

I would think that the Cone Inks sold for the *big* Epsons would be the same as those for the R2880 and the profiles would have a good chance of being close enough. Would offering a ConeColor system for the 2880 be a matter of selling the same inks in smaller bottles now that the CIS is ready? Or am I missing something here?

I’m sure that it’s possible, since they claim to have reproduced the gamut of Epson’s Vivid K3 inks.

But, since they’re a small outfit (relatively speaking), I would imagine that they have to gauge the interest for a specific printer and determine whether it makes sense or not. It’s probably not a ton of work, but they’re busy enough that they don’t want to go down a road that won’t pay off in the long run.

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