ColorMunki 1.0 problems

Over on his thinbits blog, Dave Camp has posted a lengthy review of his initial experiences with the $499 ColorMunki Photo, which just started shipping.

To summarize, the product was a complete failure for me on multiple machines and multiple printers and I cannot recommend it to anyone. My friend has problems as well, so there is definitely something wrong with the product as a whole. The only thing keeping me from returning it at this point is the promise of better software this week. X-Rite is known for having quality products, so it’s baffling as to why they shipped the ColorMunki in this state.

We recently received a unit as well, and our experiences out of the gate pretty much parallel Dave’s, especially with respect to profile building. We’ve been assured by X-Rite that a Version 1.0.1 update — which will reportedly fix some of the bugs we’ve run into — is imminent, and we’ve frankly been holding off on writing our review until that ships. We doubt, however, that the update will fix Dave’s (valid) complaints about the user experience aspects of the ColorMunki, specifically in providing help on printing with ColorMunki-generated profiles from different applications.