Crane & Co. sells Museo paper business

museo-logo.jpegWe’re currently getting ready for the annual PMA convention, which will be held next Thursday through Saturday in Las Vegas. While we were working on lining up meetings with the media companies, we discovered that Crane & Co., the venerable stationers based in Dalton, Mass., had sold their Museo line of digital fine art media to a new company, Intelicoat:

On December 17, 2007 Crane & Co. announced the sale of their digital fine art paper business, including the Museo brand of products, to Intelicoat Technologies. Intelicoat is the leading coater and converter of inkjet media including papers, films, canvas, and other fabrics. Crane will continue to supply the base paper and existing technologies.

From the outside, it doesn’t look like much has changed. The Museo site looks identical to its last incarnation, and the product lists has the current set of Museo paper, including Museo II, Portfolio and Silver Rag, and the Maestro canvases.

Hopefully we’ll get a chance to speak with the new principals at the show to get an idea where they’re heading. While we have liked most of the Museo papers, especially the flagship Museo papers and the canvases, Crane often acted like it was in the digital fine art business halfheartedly. In the past year, both Hahnemühle and Moab/Legion have pushed very hard to increase their presence in the paper market while Crane seemed to have lost interest. Crane did have some momentum in 2005 with the release of fiber-styled Silver Rag, but the novelty of that paper has worn off in the face of strong competition in the fiber-based market.

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